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Since TriCentury Bank moved their headquarters to the Kansas City market in late 2014, we have been honored to be mentioned in many articles, lists and rankings. This includes 23 consecutive quarters of being a Bauer Financial 5 Star Rated Bank, as well as the below recognitions in local publications TriCentury Bank.

Strongest Banks in Kansas City Ranking

Top 5 Strongest Small Banks in KC 2022

No. 4: TriCentury Bank has been bringing small-town values to banking since it was founded in 1894. With one of the oldest charters in Kansas, this bank knows what it takes to survive any economic cycle. It has a strong 12.58% core-capital ratio and would have ranked higher if not for an aggressive loan-to-deposit ratio of 133.39%. However, 87.39% of its deposits are insured, and it has $17.4 million in equity capital, making this a very strong bank. (Previous year: No. 3)

Top 5 Strongest Small Banks in KC 2021

No. 3: Founded in 1894, De Soto-based TriCentury Bank brings its small-town values to banking. Not only has the bank grown in the past year, it also increased its strength, helping it climb the list. It has a spotless $101.1 million loan portfolio, an 11.46% core-capital ratio and $15.4 million in equity capital. (Previous year: No. 5)

Top 5 Strongest Small Banks in KC 2020

No. 5: Founded in 1894, De Soto-based TriCentury Bank brings its small-town values to banking. It has a spotless $99.6 million loan portfolio, an 11.09% core-capital ratio and $13.6 million in equity capital. (Previous: Honorable Mention in 2019)

Top 5 Strongest Small Banks in KC 2019

Honorable Mention: Founded in 1894, De Soto-based TriCentury Bank has proven its strength and resilience. As of Dec. 31, the bank had no problem loans in its $78.1 million loan portfolio. It also had a core-capital ratio of 11.87%, equity capital of $12.3 million and income of $1.3 million. The bank is led by De Soto native Travis Hicks. (Previous: Honorable mention in 2018)

While we have annually been recognized as one of the strongest banks in Kansas City, we have also been named as one of the top commercial lending banks:

2023 Most Aggressive Bank Lenders -# 2

2022 Most Aggressive Bank Lenders – #2

2021 Most Aggressive Bank Lenders – #1

2020 Top Commercial Banks – #1

2019 Top Commercial Banks – #1

2018 Top Commercial Banks – #1

We’ve also hit some impressive growth numbers over the years:

Top 10 loan portfolio growth 2020

No. 7 TriCentury Bank

Year-over-year percentage growth: 27.52

Net loans and leases (as of Dec. 31, 2020): $99.6 million

Net loans and leases (as of Dec. 31, 2019): $78.12 million

Founded in 1894, De Soto-based TriCentury Bank brings its small-town values to banking. Aside from being the area’s fifth-strongest small bank, it also has one of the area’s fastest-growing loan portfolios, showing it’s making smart decisions and building strong banking relationships with customers.

2019 Fastest Growing Companies in Kansas City

68. TriCentury Bank (2nd Year)

Growth: 126.17%

Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.06%

Gross Revenue: 2018: $4,901,000 2015: $2,167,000

Full-time employees: 13

With locations in De Soto and Spring Hill, TriCentury Bank got its start in the town of Simpson in 1894 as Simpson Shanks & Company Bank. The institution gained its current name after being purchased in 1998 and moved from Simpson, entering the Kansas City metro area through a 2014 acquisition that established its De Soto headquarters.

2018 Fastest Growing Companies in Kansas City

#5 TriCentury Bank 1st year

Growth: 531.13% | Avg. Annual Growth 178.38%

Gross Revenue 2017: $4,249,000 | Gross Revenue 2014: $669,000 | Full-time employees: 13

TriCentury Bank of Simpson, Kan., had just over $3 million in deposits in 2014—among the bottom 10 of more than 325 commercial banks in the state. Setting its relocation sites on greener pastures—Johnson County—required not a leap of faith, but a full measure of self-confidence. And it worked. As of mid-2018, deposits had surged by more than $50 million, providing breathing room to make loans vital to growth. “Kansas City was the natural choice with my background in the banking industry in the market, the relationships I have built, the diversified economy, and my partner (co-Chairman) Lindsay Olsen was located here as well,” says CEO Travis Hicks. Success started with a strong investor group that not only believed in their plan but could see the vision, he said. “Other factors were finding the right locations: De Soto as our headquarters, with a branch in Spring Hill,” he said. “These two markets are great communities for a community bank, and the locations give you access to the entire metro area.”

CEO/Co-Chariman Travis Hicks named as one the 50 Kansans you should know in 2022 by Ingram’s Magazine:

Travis Hicks 
TriCentury Bank, De Soto

Looking for a real-estate loan? Who better to solicit than a banker with his own passion for property development and investment? Travis Hicks has been able to leverage that attribute to turn a tiny, struggling rural bank into a growth monster in the highly competitive Johnson County market. A native of Shawnee with a long resume in banking, he helped relocate a bank from Simpson, Kan., in 2014 and rebranded it as TriCentury. By banking standards, it’s still a community bank, with $133 million in assets, but that’s up 3,325 percent in eight years. Since graduating from KU he’s had his hand in finance and real estate and has his own active development portfolio. That helps him relate to clients and understand their needs. “Banking, and specifically lending, is a great fit with a blend of real estate and finance, which means I love what I do on a daily basis.” Competition is a part of the landscape for any business, he says, but “I believe there will always be a niche for knowledgeable and responsive community bankers. Kansas City is a large market, and with our market knowledge and service, we are able to compete successfully with almost any bank. Community banks have an advantage over larger institutions with our ability to make a decision locally and decisively.” Perhaps it’s not surprising then that TriCentury has retained links to its north-central Kansas roots. “We do have some very loyal clients left from Simpson,” Hicks says. “In today’s age of electronic banking, we are able to bank most any market.”



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