Bank History

Founded on April 4, 1894 as the Simpson Shanks & Company Bank, a rural community bank in Simpson, Kansas, TriCentury Bank is one of the oldest bank charters in the state of Kansas. TriCentury Bank has withstood many cycles in the economy and proven its strength and resilience over three different centuries.

TriCentury Bank was an instrumental part of the local Simpson farming community for many years. As the shift of farming went the way of larger corporate farms, and population demographics began to change the local landscape in the mid 1900’s, the town of Simpson struggled to keep its local businesses. During this time, TriCentury Bank also struggled to maintain customers, and after the turn of the century made a decision to shift its business model to provide more electronic banking services, reaching customers nationwide. This change came as the result of Lindsay Olsen’s purchase of the bank in 1998 and later renaming the bank TriCentury Bank. These changes helped to maintain the viability of the bank, however, it was evident that more needed to be done in order to enhance the long term prospects of the bank.

In 2014, Travis Hicks and Lindsay Olsen partnered with a common goal to build a banking model that would be sustainable through the next century. The plan relocated the bank charter to the metro Kansas City Market, which could support growth and prosperity, keeping in mind the small community banking model that had always been an integral part of the bank’s history.

TriCentury Bank’s biggest move of the 21st Century occurred on November 7, 2014 with the acquisition of 2 locations in the greater Kansas City Market. The new locations in De Soto, KS and Spring Hill, KS marks a new beginning for this third century bank charter as the headquarters for the bank is now in De Soto, KS.  The roots of small town community banking run deep as TriCentury Bank’s historical small town values are carried into the small towns of De Soto and Spring Hill, establishing a strong foundation for the 21st Century.